News just in from the Department of State Services (DSS) says the outcome of investigation on arrested Publisher of Desert Herald, Tukur Mamu as mind boggling.

Tukur Mamu is also the spokesperson of popular controversial Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi

The DSS made this known in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Peter Afunanya.

The agency while responding to comments made by the cleric on Mamu’s arrest, said the DSS will not be distracted.

Gumi had accused the DSS of terrorising Mamu, adding that the agency should release him or charge him to court.

The Sheik, at a religious gathering on Friday, said, “Nigeria’s constitution did not say you can arrest someone without any proven evidence criminalising him and without charging him to court. You cannot arrest and keep him in detention arbitrarily’.

“Take him to court to face trial. Keeping him in custody despite being a family man was just to intimidate him. This intimidation is also terrorism. Arresting people unjustly is also terrorism; just like the terrorists do by going to somebody’s house to kidnap him.

“It’s not about Tukur Mamu, you all know that whenever they arrest innocent people, I always talk, not to talk of someone that I know and I’m only advising the government to release him so that we can apologize to him to forget what happened.”

The DSS also added that it has followed with keen observation, overzealous comments by sections of the public in view of issues relating to the arrest and investigation of Tukur Mamu.

“The service wishes that it is not distracted with some of the skewed narratives pervading the media space.

“Instead, it requests to be left alone to concentrate on the ongoing investigations, the outcomes of which have remained mind-boggling.

“Meanwhile, the service will cease further comments on the subject matter since the court will determine its course.

“Consequently, the public is hereby enjoined to desist from making unguarded utterances and await the court proceedings,” the statement reads.

Tukur Mamu, was the March 28 Kaduna-Train Hostage Negotiator before he was arrested in Egypt on the 6th of September, 2022.

According to Peter Afunanya, the Public Relations Officer for DSS,  ‘’The DSS has been inundated with enquires in respect of the arrest or otherwise of Tukur Mamu, the self-acclaimed Kaduna Train hostage negotiator.

‘’This is to confirm that Mamu, as a person of interest, was intercepted by Nigeria’s foreign partners at Cairo, Egypt on 6th September, 2022 while on his way to Saudi Arabia.

‘’He has since been returned to the country, today, 7th September, 2022 and taken into the Service’s custody.

‘’The act followed a request by Nigeria’s Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community to their foreign partners to bring back Mamu to the country to answer critical questions on ongoing investigations relating to some security matters in parts of the country. The public may wish to note that the law will appropriately take its course’’.


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