The former president and current registrar,CEO of the institute of purchasing and supply management in Nigeria, Alhaji M.J Aliyu, has called for professionalism and the need for due process in the logistics chain in Nigeria.

Speaking with journalists, Aliyu said that the ease of business in the country is because the structure for the movement of goods and services is developed but due to quacks and some unprofessionalism conduct by those in government, it seems it lacks the necessary details to effectively deliver timely and top notch services to end users.

He called on the government, stakeholders and all who make use of logistics and everyday purchase and supply, to join hands to make the right framework and participation in the industry professional so that there will be orderliness and control to boost revenue and economic development for the government and those in the industry.

Also, he emphasized the need to put those who have been trained in the sector to be those who monitor and get involved directly in the purchasing and supply chain. This is because, they understand the workings and will not be shallow to breach the supply chain at any point which causes poor supply management.

The institute of purchasing and supply management is a duly recognized and charted establishment that trains graduates in the management level of purchasing, supply and logistics for professionalism.


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