QNET, a global e-commerce company, says it will be empowering 70 university students with financial literacy skills through its educational programme called FinGreen.

Mr Biram Fall, the Regional General Manager of QNET Sub-Saharan Africa made this known in a statement on Monday.

Fall said that financial literacy was essential for economic stability and growth, especially among youth in developing economies.

He said the aim of FinGreen was to boost financial inclusion in underserved communities.

Fall said they planned to do this by empowering individuals with the skills required to be financially confident, aware, and savvy through its three pillars of assessing target communities, training them, and transforming participants into financial literacy advocates.

“Once they complete the programme, the individuals become financial literacy ambassadors who can champion and share their knowledge with their families, friends, and communities.

“One of the programme’s first ambassadors, Anuoluwapo Ayoola will be sharing her newly gained financial skills and knowledge with 70 university students at a workshop she organised in Abuja.

“We are honoured to support Anu Ayoola and the University of Abuja’s Financial Literacy Workshop.

“With the constantly shifting financial landscape and the digitisation of financial services, young people need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their money, “Fall said.

Anuoluwapo Ayoola, an Ambassador of FinGreen said she was thrilled to have organised a financial literacy workshop at the University of Abuja, with the generous support of QNET.

Ayoola said that financial literacy was not just about managing money but about creating a better future for oneself and the future generations.

The first module of the workshop is designed to challenge the assumptions on financial literacy, educating the 70 participants on how they can adjust their mindset to utilise financial knowledge for their benefit.

The second module would speak on the ambassador’s experience as a student, giving practical strategies and tips on how participants can manage their finances as students and as working adults.

This will be crucial to help participants manage their financial sustainability and investment, seeing as many Nigerian students bear significant debt due to the increasing cost of tertiary education.


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