The Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M), a political association, has called on Nigerians to prepare for life after election.

Prof. Omotoye Olorode, a member of the TPAP-M Secretariat, made the call on Monday in Abuja.

Olorode said Nigerians ought to go beyond casting their votes, to preparing to hold the incoming government accountable.

He said it was important to ensure that candidates that would emerge victorious in the 2023 General Elections were “put on their toes” to address the concerns of the masses.

The don said Nigerians had grappled so long with rising debt profile, poor minimum wage, unemployment, deteriorating health infrastructure, lack of respect for human rights among others.

He further that said in view of the prolonged hardship, Nigerians must ensure that the new leaders hit the ground running.

Olorode said one of the ways Nigerians could close the huge gap between them and the ruling class was to ensure that they did not “go to sleep” on their responsibilities.

“Nigerians have been victims of imposition by the ruling class for a long time and it is time to unite to ensure they delivered on their mandate.

“It is unfortunate that they sell public property to themselves and still fall back to government for funding.

“Debts of many of the allegedly commercialised and privatised companies are funded with taxpayers’ money as bailouts.

“An example is the energy costs incurred by the Power Generating Companies (GENCOs), following the so-called unbundling of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN),” he said.

The don said, “Our position as TPAP-M is that Nigerians should not allow the elites to divide them along ethnic or religious lines but insist on good governance.

“It is worrisome that almost everything is owned by the ruling class, so much so that the voices of the people are not heard.”

According to him, average Nigerians do not need soothsayers to know that until they used peaceful and legitimate means to demand for their rights, the elites will continue to impoverish them.

He said the ongoing Naira scarcity was a typical example of the level of hardship Nigerians were going through.

“Talking about the cashless policy of the Federal Government for instance, the banks are owned by the elites.

“So, it will be easy for anyone of them to call up a bank manager to reserve the new Naira notes while the masses suffer.

“We all see how difficult it has been for the common man to access Naira anywhere.

“Also, the rich own the supermarkets where they go to shop, making them not to feel the pains of an ordinary Nigerian, who may not be able to afford three square meal.”

Olorode said TPAP-M would continue to ensure that Nigerians kicked against anti-people policies, adding that “we must understand that the other ethnic group is not our problem but the elites.”

“The issues of employment, health, education, gender, poverty and inequality must be addressed.

“It must be stressed that growth is always inclusive and sustainable.

“And while we are aware that our economy experienced ups and downs, but over-time it must be seen that the standard of living of her citizens improve.”

He said it was high time Nigerians registered a pro-masses political party or seek a socialist alternative that would guarantee employment, quality education, quality health service, security, gender equality among others.

He further said it was high time Nigerians sought a system that would emphasise hard work, efficiency and dignity of labour.


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