The Lagos PDP Governorship Candidate, Dr Abdul-Azeez Adediran (Jandor) paid a courtesy visit to the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement for prayers ahead of the general election.

Addressing the media in the church, Adediran said the essence of attending the church service was to seek God’s blessings and anointing before the election.

The candidate said he was at the church to worship with the people of God and to seek God’s face in his present and future endeavours.

Jandor said he was not here to campaign rather he would like the man of God and the congregations to intercede for him so he and his running mate could have a total victory in the election.

“It is a great moment to be before the congregation today, I sat in the church there and I was listening to your preaching which talked about freedom and total victory.

“I was excited because that preaching could not have been a mere coincident because our mission in the state is to seek freedom and total victory.

“So we are so blessed when your preaching was directed in line with our mission for the people of Lagos State,” he said.

Adediran said people might said it was a political season so that was how they come rather theirs was different.

He said this was because even if the pastor asked the congregations to vote for him and God didn’t vote for him then he was going no where.

According to him, I strongly believed in the God that answered prayer more than any other thing because in pastor’s words, he spoke about God’s mercy and that was what he also relied on.

Jandor said if the mercy of God that the pastor preached during his ministration shine upon them then total victory for him towards the forthcoming election God would give it unto him.

He noted that his coming here was to emphasised that only God could ordained and the journey was so hard that it is only God that can make it easier for him

Speaking, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the Founder and General Overseer of the church said his prayer for politicians was for the will of God be done so he don’t pray for any politicians to win.

“Whoever God determines, let him win so if God says you will win then it is the will of God and not man.

” Let the will of God be done in your desire since you have said it all that what you are looking for is the face of God so let the will of God prevails.

“For me, all the candidates that are contesting are my choice and whoever God determines, let him emerged as the winner,” he said.

Jandor while addressing the traders at the Balogun Business Association in Alaba International Market, Ojo LGA, thanked the Igbos for investing their resource in the state.

Adediran promised to protect their investment he was aware of their investment in all the Igbo dominated market, if elected as the governor of Lagos in the forthcoming election.

He said: “We know you want a Lagos where your containers arrive you will get a better road to bring your items to your shop.

“For me, you are not asking for too much because what you are asking for is an enabling environment that is safe and secure and I can assure you that we will make it happened if elected.”

Commenting, the President of Balogun Market in Alaba International, Trade Fair, Chief Tokuchukwu Iwelumo thanked the governorship candidate for talking to their conscience.

Iwelumo observed that this election was not about the party but it was about competency, integrity and capacity of a candidate, adding that Jandor had shown the three characters.

He assured the candidate that he would ensure he worked with his people in the market to vote for him during the March 11 governorship election.

Adediran assured the traders to come out en mass and vote for him saying INEC was working with the security agencies to ensure free and fair election.

The campaign team was at the Aspanda Market in Alaba International to meet with the traders to vote for all the PDP candidates in the state.



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