Polling Unit in Lagos

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, continues to brief the media and electoral observers on interventions and happenings on the ongoing election in the country.

INEC chairman, Prof. Mahmod Yakub gave an update on the Gwoza attacks on officials in Borno states.

He said INEC has tracked and found out that there was a 81 mm mortar attack including on a filling station but there was no damage to INEC facilities and materials there.

On the Bvas lost in Katsina and Delta states, he added that another has been recorded snatched in Anyamele, Rivers state adding that contingency arrangements have been made for replacement and security agents have also gone after the criminals. About 3 bvas have now been recovered.

On issues concerning late arrival of adhoc staff in Abia, Imo and Kebbi states, voting has started and other issues resolved and the election will go on.

Prof. Yakub said that In Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, the election process was disrupted and security was mobilized but the NYSC ad-hoc staff expressed apprehension on going back. So election has been put on hold there and will continue tomorrow, the 26th of February.

In Lagos, precisely those areas where voter intimidation occured, places like Okota, Oshodi Mafoluku, Elegushi, the INEC chairman said security has been mobilizer to those areas and situation normalized as voting is on going.

He concluded that polling units have closed in many parts of the country and INEC has again met with the police, army, civil defence and the likes to strengthen security for this very next stage of sorting and counting which is very crucial.


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