The APC Ghana Chapter Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) for Tinubu has dared supporters of Peter Obi to show Nigerians his achievements rather than hide under attacks on Tinubu’s personal life.

In a statement jointly signed by the Chairman of the party in Ghana, Mr Oghenosa Micheleti and the PCC Director General, Chief Ayokanmi Ogunremi, the committee said that the reasons why the Obi’s supporters had continued to dwell on Tinubu’s personal life was because they had nothing tangible to show to Nigerians as Obi’s achievements.

“We read with so much displeasure the attacks on the APC presidential candidate, It is true that only a tree with fruits can be stoned, however, the 2023 election will not be business as usual but will be based on achievements.

“The achievements of Asiwaju is there for all to see. A man who has turned the fortunes of a state as big as Lagos that is equivalent of some countries in the world is the best man to be entrusted with Nigeria’s presidency.

“Tinubu who is hale and hearty in London is being taunted as sick. That is not what Nigerians will vote for .

“Nigerians are wiser now and will not buy campaigns of calumny anymore. The only parameter for winning in the 2023 election is performance and integrity,” the group said.
The committee also said that Tinubu being sighted as hale and hearty in London has put haters and opponents to shame.

“We live in a democracy here in Ghana too and at elections, people are interested in capacity to deliver, integrity, pedigree and not the kind of issues we see emanating from Nigeria’s social media.

“Nigerians must begin to ask pertinent questions about candidates being presented to them and their ability to offer the desired leadership.

“Facebook and Twitter fallacies will not win the presidential election. The election will be a work over for Tinubu because of the love Nigerians have for him.

“No matter how the smear campaign goes, it will not stop the APC candidate train from getting to Aso Rock,” it said.

The group, however, said that even in Ghana, Mon Nigerians are wishing that Tinubu emerged as president because his achievements when elected would definitely spill over to the entire African countries.

The APC Ghana chapter inaugurated the presidential campaign council in September to lead its campaign in Ghana for Tinubu in the 2023 presidential elections.

The 25 -man committee was established to support the APC in Nigeria to strengthen its commitment to victory of the party in all elective positions in 2023.


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