Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu


Lagos, Nigeria, Aug. 3, 2022 – Dr Yemi Omodele, a Lawyer, has urged Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State to strengthen Lagos security network in order to avoid security breach.

Omodele who is also a right activist made the appeal in a statement on Wednesday in Lagos.

He explained that Nigerians had one or more relations residing in Lagos either on a private business or being employed.

He added that vrtually countries of the world also had citizens in Lagos based on international relations, naturalization, tourism, expatriate and/or employment purposes.

The right activist noted that Lagos security was important to both the Federal and the State governments because it was a former Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and a city where the Federal Government generated lots of revenues.

He said: “Reports in some online media has it that some criminal elements are planning to invade some South Western states and that Lagos is one of the states.

“Since the issue of terrorism started in Nigeria, Lagos has not experienced it, save for a kidnapping incident that occurred some years ago and the government then took drastic steps to immediately curtail it.

“SanwoOlu inherited the COVID-19 outbreak. He also did his best during the ENDSARS protest to ensure peace returned to the state.”

Omodele therefore, urged the governor and his lieutenants to be proactive in terms of security network in the state.

The right activist advised the governor to check the menace caused by the traffic robbers on the highways who dispossess innocent residents of their valuables and Police officers who had also turned the roads into extortion haven.

He stated that the activities of underaged children, particularly from the North who had turned the roads to beggars’ market, and vehicle inspection officers who had incessantly continued to tax motorists, among other vices in the state should also be checked.

According to him, the election is fast approaching in the country, and politicians are obviously trying to impress the people to enable them win at all costs.

“They are also looking for votes in all nooks and crannies of the country while not bothered by the security of the land.”

He stated that children are being used to beg along the roads and innocent persons are being robbed of their personal effects. They are also used as preys by robbers or criminals.

He therefore urged the governor to look at the Child Rights Law, 2015 in Lagos State in order to empower the government to do the needful by protecting the children from abuse.

The lawyer also called on IG-P Mr Usman Baba, Commissioner of Police, Lagos State; and othe security stakeholders to order their officers to stop embarrassing motorists on the road with unscrupulous offences.

He urged the governor to urgently look at the security network in the state adding that it needed to be strengthened to avoid any form of attack.


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