Aug. 1, 2022 – A Shari’a Court in Kaduna State on Monday dissolved the union between Abdullahi Musa and his wife, Bilkisu Yusuf on grounds that she ”stumbled” on a divorce letter.

The Judge Malam Salisu Abubakar-Tureta dissolved the union after Musa confirmed that he wrote the divorce letter pronouncing divorce three times to Yusuf.

“In Shari’a law, divorce is confirmed verbally, written or through sign language for those who are deaf.

“However, If a husband writes a divorce letter to his wife without the intention of issuing it to her and did not give it to her, their marriage is still valid.

“But if he writes a divorce letter and the wife discovers it even when she was not issued personally, then the divorce is valid; therefore the union between the two parties is hereby dissolved,” he ruled.

Earlier, Yusuf prayed court to give a ruling on her marriage status, saying she saw a divorce letter from her husband.

But Musa insisted that she was still married to Yusuf because he did not serve the divorce document to her.

“I was contemplating whether to divorce her or not that was why I wrote it. I later had a second thought and refused to give her the letter, which she discovered herself,” he said.


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