A Jos Central Area Court, sitting in Kasuwan Nama 1, on Thursday dissolved a 22- year-old marriage between Yiltawe Lamba and his wife, Rebecca over the latter’s elopement since August 2021 and her disrespectful behaviour.

A two-man panel of judges, made up of Malam Sadqi Adam and Mr Hyacenth Dolnanan in granting the request made by the petitioner Lamba, said, “all efforts to reconcile the parties had failed”.

The judges ordered the petitioner and respondent to go their separate ways.

Earlier, Lamba pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage, saying that his estranged wife, who he has been married to him for 22 years, had been very disrespectful to him.

He told the court that in August 2021 the respondent eloped and before that action the marriage had witnessed constant quarrels.


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